chalkboard-218593_640It’s fair to say that although numbers are increasing, there are still some managers and leaders in the business world who are not yet enthusiastic advocates of the use of e-learning and online courses. There are often two reasons for that. First, simply a feeling that ‘It wasn’t like that in my day’. More experienced individuals, used solely to classroom or on-the-job learning, are occasionally resistant to change. The second reason is being unsure what the benefits are and how best to use the resource. Let’s cover this topic here…

Effective use leads to the benefits being reaped. Key among these are a widening of the learning environment. Using e-courses also means that a company learning and development team can take the opportunity to train people in more complex subjects, and provide more in the way of training without needing to increase the allocation of resources.

For those in the learning process, there is no need for them to travel to other venues and incur accommodation and travel costs. This ‘wasted’ expense can then be diverted into actual training provision, rather than train journeys and meals in hotels! Equally, and additionally, there is no need to hire those expensive providers of training who simply add another hefty amount to the already high costs.

E-learning also provides an effective way to track learning numbers and actions, and, through devices such as course completion testing, can also verify that the knowledge has actually been transferred to the trainee. This is a particularly valuable tool where on-going work situations mean that refresher and on-going learning is needed – particularly where this may be required to tie in with the need to comply with legislation or specific regulations.

Effective use of the opportunities offered by e-learning and online courses results in the reaping of these benefits, offering a value which is already known to so many enthusiastic advocates; value that should soon become clear to those yet to be convinced.


Author: Noemi Szody

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