If you can't see the problem... you can't solve the problem

Often in business we lose sight of our operations and processes; this can have dramatic affects on our costs and bottom line. When you cannot see these inefficiencies then you cannot identify if you are over engineering certain operations or excessively investing time, money and resources into processes that are not giving you a return on investment.

The premise our consultation is to identify gaps and problems within your current practice and to provide expertise advice, practical tips and recommendations.

We can guide you to apply proven process management and improvement methods to address and solve business problems, reduce cost, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

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Read about how we can help to solve business problems in this case study

In-Store Team Ltd is a well-established promotional and trade marketing agency in Hungary with one of the biggest professional network of field marketing agents, promotional staff and hospitality hostesses. They manage over 300 outsourced staff national wide with their 5 people core operational team. Due to increased growth in sales they became tight on resources to manage the increased volume of work and they were considering to hire 1 additional employee into their operations team.

They asked us to assist them to review the effectiveness of their internal operative process to find possibilities of simplification and time savings and to see the opportunities to reduce the workload on their existing employees without compromising quality and high standard of customer service.

We provided a 2-day Lean office workshop to the In-Store Team and as a result of our hands on approach we identified 75 action items to improve and speed up their administrative, documentation handling and resource management  processes.  This led them to free up 20% capacity from their employees and to avoid hiring an additional employee.

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